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Welcome to Simplified Academy, a platform dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality courses in the field of Civil Engineering. Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone who wants to learn and grow in this field.

Founded by Yahya Kaludi, who has a remarkable academic record and a passion for teaching, Simplified Academy aims to simplify the understanding of Civil Engineering. Yahya Sir has secured a rank under 500 in the All India GATE Exam, ranked 1st in Gujarat, was selected as a Scientific Officer in NPCIL, ranked 1st in HPCL interview, and was selected in IIT Bombay and NIT as Geotech.

At Simplified Academy, we offer a wide range of courses in Civil Engineering that cater to students at various levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced. Our courses are designed to help students develop a strong foundation in the subject, and our approach is to make the learning process engaging and interactive. We provide various resources, such as video lectures, eBooks, and other materials, to ensure that our students have access to the best learning tools.

Our goal is to create a learning experience that is both enriching and affordable. We believe that education should not be limited by financial barriers, and therefore, we have priced our courses in a way that makes them accessible to all. We are committed to providing excellent value for money and ensuring that our students get the best possible learning experience.

Join us at Simplified Academy and embark on a journey to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of Civil Engineering. Let us help you achieve your goals and aspiration.

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Meet your Teacher , Yahya Kaludi

Yahya Sir  has been teaching from the Past 4 Years.

  • All India Rank 01- Gujarat State
  • Secured Under 500 All India Rank in GATE
  • Selected in NPCIL (As scientific Officer )
  • Rank 01 in HPCL Interview
  • Selected in IIT Bombay (Geotech)
  • Selectec in NIT Surat (Geotech)

We are trying to simplify studies through the Simplified Academy.

Yahya Kaludi , Founder of Simplified Academy.
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